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Conferences, Special Seminars and Workshops at which papers were read with references where appropriate.

Summer Course in Lexicology and Lexicographer at SIL Oregon University USA. June–Aug. 1998.

International Conference Against All Odds: African Languages and Literatures into the 21st Century 11th -18th January 2000 at Asmara Eritrea.

Workshop on the Harmonisation of Akan Orthography at Abidjan 7th –9th September 2001.

Workshop National Consultative Council on Ghanaian Languages at GNAT Hall Accra 5th Feb. 1999, 30th April 1999.

Workshop on Bureau of Ghanaian Languages (BGL) at Accra Vocational Institute 9th Feb. 1999.

NUFU workshop on Lexicology and Standardisation of Terms 4th –9th March 1999.

Workshop on Examination and Test Development at the University of Ghana 24th May-June 4th 1999.

Workshop on Brochure of BGL at National Museum 24th Aug. 1999.

Workshop on Testing and Setting of Objective Questions Organised by WAEC at GESDI Ajumako 9th-12th March 2000.

Workshop on Terminology in Mathematics in Twi. GTZ Accra 6th June 2000.

Workshop on Akan Dictionary Project Retreat 4th-6th Dec 2000 at Abokobi.

.Workshop on Akan Dictionary Project Retreat at Trinity College 17th Jan, 1st March and 16th March 2001.

Workshop on Planning of the Second Phase of TED-ASTEP- Ghana Education Service at Novotel Accra 21st March 2001.

Academic Retreat on the Restructuring of Courses at the Dept of Linguistics held at Aburi 8th-10th May 2001.

Workshop on Project on Culture and Governance organised by The Ghana Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) Accra 1st October 2001.

Workshop to plan Workshop for Media Practitioners Institute of African Studies: Legon 6th Dec 2001.

Workshop on Literacy and Quality at GNAT Hall 3rd May 2002.

Workshop on Akan Dictionary Project Retreat at Trinity College 17th- 20th June, 15th –17th July 2002.

Workshop on Akan Orthography to teachers of Training Colleges organised by ASTEP at St. Louis Training College Kumasi on 25th September 2002. Paper presented: “Common Mistakes in Akan Orthography”.

Workshop on Akan Dictionary at the Trinity Theological Seminary College Accra 1st Nov 2002.

National Workshop on Language, Culture, Education and National Development, organised by the Centre for the Advocacy of Language and Culture at the University of Education Winneba 25th November 2002. Paper presented: Resource Development in Indigenous Languages.

Workshop on Akan Dictionary at Abokobi Accra 6th -10th January 2003.

Workshop on Akan Dictionary at Abokobi Accra 26th Feb-1st March 2003.

Akan Dictionary Project Lexicography, Documentation and Shoebox Workshop 28th April –16th May at the Linguistic Department Legon.

Participant Faculty of Arts Colloquium Legon 19th-20th May 2003. Presented a report on the Akan Dictionary Project.

Meeting on the Proposal for the Publication of Ghanaian Language News/Features as Graphic Supplement at the National Commission on Culture Offices Accra 3rd September 2003.